Monday, 21 May 2018

Beer and Castles Route, 21 May

This is still the Oberstdorf Plus tour , but I have renamed it to fit in with where we are on the holiday.

So we woke up in Passau this morning, and the Swan Whisperer went for a run even before he'd had his tea, which I thought unwise, but he said he'd had a lot of water. As today is a public holiday in Germany the shops are not open, but it does mean parking is free. So after breakfast we drove into the town and parked up under a bridge over the Danube, and then walked around the Old Town, looking into the Cathedral and then walking to where the Inn and the Iltz join  the Danube. And back along the bank of the Danube, which wasn't as nice as it might have been as it was wall-to-wall river cruisers tied up!

We then drove out of town and had lunch in a car park cum children's playground somewhere, and then drove on to this town of Regen. Some kind of festivity was obviously just finishing as we arrived, and the traffic out of town was horrendous! But the Sat-nav took us to our home for the night, which is in a pub car-park, which you can use if you eat in their restaurant. They even supply electricity for an extra €3.  The Swan Whisperer went for a walk and got soaked - the weather had been lovely all day and then suddenly it poured! And as soon as he got back to the van, the sun came out again!

The meal was delicious  and very good value for money, only Google Translate let me down by not knowing any of the words I didn't know! I ended up with pork slices and noodles, with salad, and the SW had venison goulash with a dumpling and salad. Then he had a plum strudel and I had ice cream.  There was a Bavarian band playing, rather too loudly for indoors, I thought, but enjoyable none the less.

And back to the motor home with another one next door whose dog whined very loudly the whole time they were at dinner, and they parked far too close to us. They have pulled all their curtains, even though it isn't even trying to be dark, and we think they are watching television. They might as well be at home!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Oberstdorf Plus, 20 May

I have d'une nothing much today except sleep! I woke up at my usual time and got back into bed with a cup of tea only to awaken two hours later. Forced myself out of bed and into the shower, and we had poached eggs for breakfast. The next thing I knew, we were stopping for lunch in a place called Rosenheim, which seemed quite pretty and we found a car park that was free as it is Sunday.

After much we set off again, and I slept again until we arrived in Passau. It was a lovely afternoon and we sat in the sun for a bit, reading,and knitting - I knitted, anyway - and then the. SW went for a walk, and I got supper, and now I an ging to bed even though it is not yet 9 pm.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Oberstdorf Plus, 19 May

We were up early this morning to get everything ready to move the van. After nearly a week of static camping, this took a bit of doing - switching electricity to 12 volts, making sure everything was put away and all the windows and cupboards closed, etc. Somewhere in all this we had breakfast and I went to the supermarket, and then we used the services and finally done up to the Oybelehalle car park above the rink. This is free with the tourist card so we obtained our ticket and then the Swan Whisperer went back to the camp site to give them back and get his deposit back.

Then it was the final day of competition, including free dancing, artistic pairs and the elite skaters, including the incomparable Midori Itô and Gary Beacom.

And then a quick drink to toast a friend's birthday, and we were away. We are spending the night at a place called Marktoberdorf, about an hour's drive away, and the post-Oberstdorf exhaustion has hit. All I want to do is go to bed!  But it has been a lovely week, and wonderful to see old friends and make new ones.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Oberstdorf Plus, 18 May

The sun was shining this morning, and I could see mountains I hadn't seen all week! It was very cold until the sun rose, though, whereupon it was difficult to get out of bed as it was so lovely in there with the sun shining in!

The Swan Whisperer and I walked down into the village as I thought he might find a pair of trainers he would like in the cheap sports shop there, and eventually he did. There were some sandals there I rather coveted, too, but, alas, not in my size. Good thing, really, as I didn't really need them. He then went off back to skate on the public session, and I went to Müller and to Woolworth's to buy some more "tossies" for people as I was running out of soap, bd then caught the bus back to the motor home via Norma for orange juice and mushrooms.

Then to the rink to watch various friends skate, including  a very long Silver Ladies II (why can't one's friends all be drawn in the same group?), during which I may have fallen asleep. The SW had gone out for a walk with friends.

Finally back to the motor home for dinner and now the SW has gone back to the rink to watch the pairs, and I've gone to bed, as I'm cold!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Oberstdorf Plus, 17 May

There was not a lot I wanted to see this morning so did a load of washing and went into Oberstdorf to ťry to buy a new rücksack, successfully. Then back for lunch but the washing wasn't dry and we couldn't get any more tokens until later. I had a nap, then cooked a frittata to take down to the rink to eat while watching the Bronze and Silver pattern dances. After which I began fading fast, so we went back to the motor home and had ice cream and a cup of tea before a slightly earlier bed than usual!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Oberstdorf Plus, 16 May

I knew when I went to bed last night that I was going to have trouble getting up, and indeed I woke with a splitting headache (no, I had had precisely one Apérol Spritz) and after we had used the services I went back to sleep again for a couple of  hours . So we didn't get to the rink until  the early afternoon, but in time to watch the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Masters Ladies III classes. These are basically women in their 50s (I think the age category is actually 48-58) and even within each class (except perhaps the Masters) the skill levels are very different.

We popped out for a quick bite to eat in the restaurant during a section of skaters we don't know, but otherwise more or less stayed put.  Three days down, three to go!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Oberstdorf Plus, 15 May

The second day of competition started off very wet indeed. We watched our friend who was in the first class of the day on the live stream!

There wasn't a great deal I really wanted to watch during the early part of the day. The Swan Whisperer, who had wanted to go for a walk this morning, decided to skate the public session instead and I stayed in the motor home, knitting and reading. But then the rain stopped, so I went to Norma (the supermarket next to the motorhome park) and bought some necessities. I had arranged to meet the Swan Whisperer for lunch at the downstairs snack bar in the rink, which I duly did, and then we watched a couple of classes before he decided to go for his walk after all. I went into town and pottered around there for a bit, and then came back to the van and fell asleep with my head on the table which was uncomfortable and I was chilled when I woke up. It felt good to get back into the nice warm rink! 

We watched some of the Silver Ladies III, and then had a quick, but delicious, dinner in the rink restaurant, before coming downstairs to watch the skating until the end of the day. And got back to the van  just as the rain started!